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NOTICE OF IMPOUNDING Notice is given that in accordance with section 24 of Councils` Local Laws No. 2 Animal Management 2011, the animals described in the schedule below have been impounded for straying on: Narcotic Creek Road Mareeba, impounded on 30 January 2013 In order to reclaim the animals described the responsible person/s must pay the charges as listed below 1x Grey Gelding Impounding fee: $270.00 Sustenance fee/per day: $17.00 1x Grey Gelding Impounding fee: $270.00 Sustenance fee/per day: $17.00 1x Bay Mare Impounding fee: $270.00 Sustenance fee/per day: $17.00 Other Charges Driving Charges: $173.70 Advertising expenses: $88.00(minimum) Other Charges Driving Charges: $173.65 Advertising expenses: $88.00(minimum) Other Charges Driving Charges: $173.65 Advertising expenses: $88.00(minimum) The above fees are to be paid at the Tablelands Regional Council between the hours of 8.30am and 4.00pm during normal working days. SCHEDULE OF ANIMALS IMPOUNDED Narcotic Creek Road Mareeba 1x Grey Gelding 1x Grey Gelding 1x Bay Mare Brand: 2GO Brand: Clean Skin Brand: GB2 Unless the animals described are claimed by the responsible person/s before noon on 27 February 2013 they will be disposed of as detailed below: Horses will be offered for sale by public auction at Mareeba Pound, 35 Hickling Avenue, Mareeba on 28 February 2013 at 12pm. Any enquiries regarding these animals are to be directed to Council`s Local Laws sectionon 1300 362 242. Ian Church CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER PO Box 573 ATHERTON QLD 4883
Notice is hereby given of application to replace a water licence made under section 229 of the Water Act 2000 the details of which are: Applicant`s name: HAROLD JOHN MICHAEL WAY LOUISA WAYApplication reference: 554119 Application details: The taking of watercourse water from Little Mulgrave River with the point of take on or adjacent to Lot 21 of SP225692 for the purpose fo Stock and Irrigation attached to land described as Lot 1 on RL2710, Lot 1 on SP112916, Lot 22 on SP225692 and Lot 23 on SP225692 to irrigate a maximum area of 30 hectares. The property is located in the Little Mulgrave Road, Little Mulgrave area. This application is to be replace a water licence to take water which has expired due to part disposal of land. Application is to replace water licence 185156. Submissions: Any person may make a submission. The chief executive is only obliged to consider a submission if it is properly made. A submission will not be properly made unless it: (a) is made in writing and signed by each person making the submission; (b) is received on or before the closing date stated below; (c) states the name and address of each person making the submission; (d) states the grounds of the submission and facts and circumstance relied on; and (e) is received by the chief executive at 28 Peters Street, MAREEBA or posted to PO Box 156, MAREEBA, QLD 4880. The submission must include the water licence applicant`s name and application reference, as stated above. Closing date for submissions is 19 April 2013. In accordance with statutory requirements, the name and address of any person making a submission will be included in the information notice given with respect to the decision on this application. Submissions made in response to this application will become subject to the Right to Information Act 2009 and the Information Privacy Act 2009, and may be disclosed to a person who makes an application for access to them. Copies of the application may be inspected at the Department of Natural Resources and Mines office, 28 Peters Street, MAREEBA and on payment of the prescribed fee, purchased. Enquiries: Telephone Scheree Dayes on (07) 40484850.
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