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(Chapter 4 Part 12 Division 3 Local Government Regulation 2012) NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL LAND TO: Phillip Somer Mount Wyatt Road MOUNT WYATT QLD 4804 (This notice is to be advertised as no acknowledgement was received to the notice served by mail by Council at the above address). You are the registered owner of the land (hereafter subject land) described as follows: Title Ref: 20009041 County: Sellheim Parish: Glendon Real Property Description: Lot 114 on CPM10015 Area: 16.187 ha Location: Mount Wyatt Road, Mount Wyatt An amount of eight thousand, one hundred and one dollars and ninety-five cents ($8,101.95) being the amount of rates and interest due and payable in respect of the subject land remain unpaid. Details and amounts of rates and interest accrued thereon are attached. Interest is compound interest calculated on daily rests and is accruing at the rate of 11%. Pursuant to Chapter 4 Part 12 Division 3 Section 140 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 WHITSUNDAY REGIONAL COUNCIL resolved on the 11th day of March 2015 to sell the subject land because overdue rates remain unpaid and have been unpaid for a period in excess of THREE (3) YEARS. Attached is a copy of provisions of the law relating to the sale of land for overdue rates. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE THAT, after the expiration of three months from the date hereof and before the expiration of six months from the date hereof, unless all moneys owing as overdue rates and all expenses incurred by the said Council in connection with the proposed sale of the subject land are sooner paid, the land will be sold accordingly. Scott James Waters CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
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